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Mackphilisa’s Invoice Tracking System 

Mackphilisa’s Invoice Tracking System is a web-based workflow system that automates the business process of tracking the movement of an invoice in the organization; from the time an invoice is received in the organization up to when the claimant is paid. Tracking System embraces Role-based security, adopts a presentation, data, and business-layer independence model, and easy configurability and high scalability by use of set up data

The Tracking System incorporates data-capture requirements of various offices, starting with registry and ending in Finance units; consolidating information processing for each invoice within the organization into a single centralized Tracking System database. The Tracking System database is accessible to all stations within the organization.

Businesses such as yours, involved with several vendors, need an Invoice Tracking System, capable of handling complex invoicing needs. In response to industry needs, we at Mackphilisa Computer Systems Limited, offer you Solpartner’s Invoice Tracking System (Tracking System).  Our solution is equipped with an excellent workflow process for tracking all your invoices through your business units, from the point of receipt upto when actual payment is effected. Read More..

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