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Preventive Maintenance



Preventive Maintenance, often abbreviated PM, refers to performing regular maintenance in order to
prevent system problems. This is in comparison to diagnostic or corrective maintenance, which is
performed to correct a current problem. A Preventative Maintenance plan includes all labor costs for
maintaining the IT equipment during a specified time period as a greed between Mackphilisa Computer
Systems and the client.
EXAMPLE: If the plan is implemented once a month – then 1 day per month a
technician will be sent to your location for as long as needed. You will be charged a flat rate for that
service call – not an hourly rate!



• Preventive Maintenance Saves Time:
Preventive maintenance procedures are quite simple compared to troubleshooting and repair procedures.

• Preventive Maintenance Plans Save You Money:
How can spending money monthly cost me less in the long run? Avoiding problems will save you money
compared to paying for new components or repeated repair jobs, or worse a NEW equipment! Normal
maintenance can keep your old computer or IT equipment running as good as a new one... without
having to buy a new one! You can pay a pre-determined fee for Preventative Maintenance, compared to
an undetermined amount of time (and Money!) for troubleshooting a computer at an hourly rate.

• Preventive Maintenance Helps Safe Guard Your Data:
The data on the hard disk is more important than the hardware that houses it. If your computer crashed
today...how would it affect your life (or Business) tomorrow? How much do you rely on your computer
system to perform everyday activities? You would be surprised at how common computer use has
become today in the average business. You don't realize how much you rely on your computer until you
have to go without it for any length of time. Try it yourself... don't check your E-Mail for one or two days....

• Preventive Maintenance Helps Improve Performance:
Performance of your system will degrade over time. Preventive maintenance will help to improve the
speed of your system in these respects, and keep your old computer running like a new one for a longer period of time.