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Google Message Archiving Discovery


Manage email retention without expensive investment in storage capacity. Google Message Discovery is delivered in an on-demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) model, so you don’t have to worry about planning for current and future storage capacity needs – Google does it for you. By storing your messages in Google’s secure and geographically redundant data centers, you can ensure that messages will not be lost in the event of an onsite server failure.

You can archive all mail without worrying whether you have enough disk space and eliminate storage quota headaches by allowing users to access historical mail. In addition, by offloading excessive mail from your existing servers, you can decrease backup windows and reduce recovery times.

Collect email quickly and easily for legal discovery


When your company is involved in litigation or conducting an internal investigation, time is of the essence. Sifting through back-up tapes, email servers, and laptops in search of particular messages can create a costly strain on your team’s productivity and budget. Delays in producing the right evidence can result in significant fines, lost revenue, or irreparable damage to your corporate reputation. With Google Message Discovery, access to all your archived messages is always at your fingertips. What’s more, legal, human resources, and compliance staff do not need to rely on IT personnel to conduct searches and inquiries.

Google’s easy-to-use web-based interface lets anyone – even end users – manage and search the message archive according to policy and depending on specific roles and authorizations.

And because Google Message Discovery saves all messages based on your defined retention policies, indexes them, and stores them in a centralized repository, you can quickly and easily pinpoint relevant messages, place them on litigation hold to disable message deletion, and share as needed with legal counsel, law enforcement officers, or regulatory officials.