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Invoice Tracking Sytem


Improving vendor/supplier relationship is critical to every business, as is the need to present accurate information in regards to supplier invoice status within the organization.

Businesses such as yours, involved with several vendors, need an Invoice Tracking System, capable of handling complex invoicing needs. In response to industry needs, we at Solpartner Technologies Limited, offer you Invoice Tracking System.  Our solution is equipped with an excellent workflow process for tracking all your invoices through your business units, from the point of receipt upto when actual payment is effected. Our solution aids in the process of payment of invoices and claims from vendors and internal employees providing accurate status of invoices, and thereby contributing to maintaining great organization-supplier relationships.


The Invoice Tracking System is a web-based workflow system that automates the business process of tracking the movement of an invoice in the organization; from the time an invoice is received in the organization up to when the claimant is paid. It embraces Role-based security, adopts a presentation, data, and business-layer independence model, and easy configurability and high scalability by use of set up data

It incorporates data-capture requirements of various offices, starting with registry and ending in Finance units; consolidating information processing for each invoice within the organization into a single centralized database. The database is accessible to all stations within the organization.


Providing you a single invoice and claims tracking system improves efficiency in claims   processing activities, we bring you several benefits that include

  • Increase operational efficiency and reduced expenses for reporting and monitoring activities;
  • Improved service levels to vendors and employees alike, through immediate accurate information
  • Increased competitiveness and an edge with vendors through accurate, consistent and timely invoice processing information
  • Enhanced flexibility to handle internal employee claims


Offering a solution that is ideal for medium to high volume businesses, we seamlessly merge invoicing processing with your Financial Systems and incorporate your policies on information creation and access by bringing you features such as;

  • Track Invoices as they move through the various departments in your organization
  • Produce online Payment Voucher (can be printed and stamped for paper trail)
  • Generate Payment Logs. No need for working offline on other platform, e.g. excel to generate Payment reports; improves accuracy and efficiency
  • Zero loss of invoices between departments. For each user unit, you are able to track invoices using 3 types of reports ( “Pending to be received”, “Invoices received” and “Invoices forwarded”)
  • Configure/adjust various system parameters  through the admin dash board
  • Take charge of your access and security levels by assigning personnel roles in the system to facilitate them perform their jobs efficiently while minimizing security access risks. E.g. register invoice, forward invoice, receive invoice, close Invoice, update vendors, update users, change permission sets, etc
  • An online help is available for both admin and normal users
  • Inbuilt security features that include audit trails, validations
  • Various dynamic reports from the system that allows selection of date range, vendors, etc.