Being practitioners, our experience has shown that ICT projects often are started with a lot of enthusiasm, optimism and along the road of implementation, the enthusiasm, optimism and commitment wanes, and the organization’s hopes are dashed halfway through the implementation initiative. This can be attributed to general lack of project management skills, such as communication, change management interventions and management of expectation of users.

At Mackphilisa, we integrate the Project Management Cycle principles with the various phases of the systems life cycle, and work as independent project reviewers (IPR) to give your organization the best guidelines during your ICT project implementations.

The advantage of using Mackphilisa as the IPR is that we are not influenced by the organization’s culture and environment, and we strive to give guidelines that are completely objective, results oriented and bound to deliverables that will lead to the path of ICT projects.

Examples of ICT Projects that Mackphilisa can manage for organization
  1. Development of ICT Infrastructure and software Specification aligned to organization needs for purposes of tendering
  2. Review of business needs and their automation
  3. Review of implementation of ICT solutions.
  4. Preparation of ICT Tender bid response
  5. Evaluation of ICT tenders