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The results of your audit will help drive continuous improvement and will allow you

to prioritise any critical changes needed to reduce your exposure to cyber-attack.This is a particularly

valuableservice if you have yet to document your risks, vulnerabilities and exposure to threat,or if you would

like to seekassurances about the effectiveness of any measures that you have deployed.We will assess the following:

Your governance of cyber risk.
Your data security and risk management.
Any legal or regulatory compliance needs.
Your backup and business continuity plans.
Your physical controls.

Network Penetration Testing

By conducting a network penetration test, we will simulate a real-world cyber-attack on your business. We will try and unlock

vulnerabilities in your networks, applications, devices and people with a view to learning where your systems and training

needs to improve.This will help you determine if your data is at risk, will help you identify and mitigate those risks and will help

you gain a valuable insight into whereyou need to focus your attention going forward.Our network penetration testing services include:

Physical network penetration testing.
Wireless network penetration testing.
Application penetration testing.
Device penetration testing.
Team penetration testing.

Cyber Security Services

The best way to overcome the struggle of staying secure is to outsource your cyber security to an IT Partner with a knowledgeable and experienced

security team who are on hand to keep your business secure. Our team can help you build your cyber security capabilities and then support

and help maintain your compliance, all as an end-to-end managed service. This will help keep your IT infrastructure, applications,

business-critical data and users safe from both internal and external threats. As part of our Managed Cyber Security Services, we will help you with:

Threat management.
Access management.
Preventative maintenance and updates.
Regular software patching.
Vulnerability management.
Security incident response.
User education and training.
Proactive 24x7x365 security monitoring.