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Corrective Maintenance



Corrective maintenance refers to any maintenance performed to return equipment to proper
working order. Depending on the context of its use it may refer to maintenance due to a
breakdown, or maintenance identified through a condition monitoring program.

When is corrective maintenance suitable?
Corrective maintenance performed due to a breakdown could fall under one of two categories:
Planned or unplanned.

Planned corrective maintenance
Planned corrective maintenance likely the result of a run-to-failure maintenance plan. In this
case, the maintenance team has decided that certain equipment will be serviced when it breaks
down. An example would be planning to replace a lightbulb once it burns out.

Unplanned corrective maintenance
Unplanned corrective maintenance is usually the result of an unexpected breakdown.
An example here would be a piece of machinery breaking down due to a replacement part failing
after being replaced during a routine PM. Corrective maintenance will need to be performed to
get the machinery back in working order.

 Free Diagnosis of the equipment and advised on best course of action
 Our Team will diagonise the equipment from our workshop and Repair carried out after approval
 You can make a call to our office anytime on weekdays and a technician may be scheduled to visit your
premises or the equipment picked up by our rider diagnosis and repair.
 Replacement parts will be invoiced on top of labor charges incase something needs to be replaced
 If the item was purchased from Mackphilisa and is still under warranty, Manufacturer warranty
conditions shall apply and turn-around time solely depended on manufacturer's part availability

 Cost of parts
 Location of the IT Equipment
 How sensitive the equipment is; for instance servers require great attention to minimise data loss
risks as compared to a printer that's only required for printing purposes
 Skills and expertise required in repairing the equipment; board repairs often need a more skilled
technician than replacing individual parts such as computer RAM or Laptop Screen.